Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Unlimited Moving Company Heartbeat Review
Wayne Johnson - Owner

Why does your Company have a Heartbeat?
My company has a Heartbeat because we are cost-effective, we get to travel and share the scenic views and update where we are located so our customer can feel secure. We have professional experience guys who not only move your items but care about your things like their own. We specialize in all aspects of moving to assure that you get all around professional service and what is promised.
What is your Companies Mission?
We strive to make the entire moving process an organized symphony of organization, professionalism and safety. We are not just a home or office moving company, we take pride in what we do.
What do you want to do with your Heartbeat?
We want our Heartbeat to ensure others that we want to build a honest relationship so we can have repeated clientele, because there are a lot of moving companies that just think only about the money and mistreat their customers. We offer flat rates to ensure that the customers won't be overcharged after given an estimate. And we take pride and care of our customers belongings.
What are you doing for your community?
We have donated our time to the community helping churches, making donations, and offering support.
If you were to connect with others who would be your first connection and why?
I would like to connect with people to let them know that moving can be stress free. By doing that people can visit my website and learn step by step on how to move and to ensure them that they will get quality services.
If you had one question to ask others what would it be?
Do you know where your spiritual walk is with God?
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