Monday, June 13, 2016

How to Live in Fear - Mastering the Art of Freaking Out by Lance Hahn book review

Have you ever known someone that suffers from anxiety?  I believe we all have occasions when things can get out of control and cause a great deal of stress.  People that suffer from anxiety disorders have trouble with processing the stress and allowing the situation to be processed.  I have friends and family that suffer from this kind of disorder and so found this book, "How to live iin Fear - Mastering the Art of Freaking Out by Lance Hahn very helpful.  Here are my Highlights: 

I was taken with her openness and transparency as she poured out her heart to me.

First, top finds can indeed be found in the most dark and obscure places.  Second, transparency and honesty reveal what is often hidden away in casual conversation.  Our fears should not serve as walls of shame; rather, they are bridges that connect all of our stories. - Parnell M. Lovelace Jr. MSW, DMin

My hope is that five things will happen in your own heart as you read:

Depression might take a parent away from the family room and leave that mom or dad alone in a darkened bedroom, so too does anxiety remove us from being emotionally present.

A wise person once said, "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." If you have a pet close to your heart, you know that full well.

Throughout the story are his life history and the lessons he has learned.

High Functioning Minds
People with high-functioning minds often look at life through telescopes and microscopes, so to speak, rather than their own set of eyes.

Book Summary:
Find freedom in an age of anxiety.
Let’s face it: we are afraid. Our world is riddled with fear-inducing headlines, financial meltdowns, family crises, and phobias of every stripe. No wonder the New York Times now reports one in ten Americans is now taking antidepressant or anxiety medication. So how do we cope or even succeed in a world spinning out of control? As someone who has battled panic attacks and anxiety most of his life, Lance Hahn can relate.
In How to Live in Fear, Lance tackles the pervasive problem of fear and panic head-on by inviting readers into his world. In this genuine and practical book, he invites readers into the life of a pastor living with anxiety disorder. Through humorous personal stories—like losing it on an airplane or collapsing onstage as he is about to preach—Lance will win over readers with his transparency. He will also share the remedies that have helped him recover and overcome throughout the years.
How to Live in Fear is a public intervention of sorts. We need to talk about this issue, especially the church-at-large. Millions of people suffer from anxiety disorders, and the church has done little to make them feel normal. Many Christians now take medication privately but keep it a secret under the shame of being viewed as a failure. Lance willingly bares his soul in order to get the conversation started. He firmly believes the church should not only recognize the issue, but also help believers reconcile the guilt of being a Christian while dealing with dread and anxiety
Filled with practical tips and advice, and full of relevant scriptures, How to Live in Fear gives readers the tools to relax in the face of fear—real or imagined. Lance will show readers that while he may still encounter bouts of panic, he has never let his disorder stop him from living a full life.

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