Sunday, March 23, 2014

Book Review: Happy Wives Club

I found the Happy Wives Club once while surfing online and liked them on Facebook and thought the website was a great resource for women looking to have happy marriages.  Then I lost the site and hadn't been back in quite some time.  Recently, I was given the opportunity from BookLook Bloggers to review a book by Fawn Weaver about the Happy Wives Club.  It was a story about one woman's worldwide search for the secrets of a great marriage.  I went to her website and laughed at how life works and that I found her site again.  

The first few chapters talked about how Fawn created her club and the reason behind the idea.  She wanted to provide a resource for women to support each other and help figure out how to keep a loving relationship going.  Her journey began in her state of California and she met with an elderly woman that she had only knew via the internet.  She was cautious at first with her meeting.  I know exactly how she feels as sometimes I do home visits for my Nursing career or Client meetings and I don't know the people, but I press on and meet them. I'm always thankful for how kind and nice everyone has been.

I love the chapter when she went around the world and was in Italy waiting to connect with someone and then realized it was herself that she needed to be with.  Sometimes we just need to take time out for ourselves.  

She went to Buenas Aires, Argentina with her husband and met a lovely couple Marcello and Silvina.  It was clear that creating goals and working toward them together was one of the greatest gifts of their marriage.  Two minds instead of one and four hands instead of two.

Another of the tips was to tend to your spouse's needs and dreams as part of your day-to-day life, it begins to come natural to you and you don't have to think about it much.  Nor do you expect anything in return for your giving.  The obvious beauty of that approach is that if both spouses adopt this approach, both receive in good measure and give selflessly.  It's a good economy.

One wife, Kristine Carlson, shared how she chose to listen with her heart and let her heart receive what her husbands poured out.  In other words, they really connected, because she put her own reactions and retaliations aside.  She found an overwhelming place of love in a difficult moment when it could have been hard to find.  

From that day forward, she would always lisen heart-to-heart. She would make sure her heart remained open to her husband's and would never allow momentary disagreements to close it.

Fawn discovered the theme throughout all her interviews and journey around the world was that 'Happiness is a choice'.   


Nicole Flothe
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Thursday, March 20, 2014

February 2014 Magazine Cover and Influenster Unboxing

If you haven't checked out the latest edition of the Heartbeat Connection Magazine here is our February cover!  I'm almost done with March in just a few more days.  A few of my favorite articles in this last issue were the Sumerlin Band interview and Marc Damon Photography story. 

This month's giveaway is a book by Fawn Weaver called Happy Wives Club.  Discover the best marriage secrets from the world's happiest wives.  

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Ever so often I get a box from Influenster and it's like I'm a kid in a candy store!  Here is a video of the unboxing of my samples that I received from them.

Nicole Flothe
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