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Book Review Sarah's Choice by Rebecca St. James and Nancy Rue

The one thing I love most about life is the ability to make my own choices.  I was given the opportunity to review a book from called Sarah's Choice by Rebecca St. James and Nancy Rue.  Every time I read a book I make sure and highlight my favorite quotes.  My first highlight was from the Foreword.

Everyone relishes reading a book when you know the author writes from the heart and draws from a wealth of experience.

Their writing is just like her singing...fresh, creative, and from the heart...bold yet compassionate, knowledgeable but gracious, and funny yet honest.

Sarah's Choice was about a girl that was planning on getting an amazing career opportunity and then finds out she's pregnant.  She struggles with making the right choice as she has so many things that are out of balance in her life and feels that one more thing would end her.  She believed that success was 90 percent attitude and as per her mentor at work said that getting ahead in life was important and family didn't fit into the picture.  

The story is in winter and around Christmas time, she lost her father last year and has a hard time caring about God and her family. Each time she gets together with her family she feels the loss and heartache.   By Friday afternoon that aloneness pressed down so hard on Sarah's shoulders, she couldn't bear her own heartbeat.  Sarah's boyfriend Matt finds out that she is pregnant and has a meltdown, then talks with his Uncle Clay.  Clay says, "Love isn't this...thing that just sticks to certain people.  It's the result of fighting to keep a commitment you made." "It's living for somebody else."  "You could have the great stuff, but you can only get it by going through the hard stuff.  Because that's where the great stuff is."

During the story Uncle Clay is a great support for Matt.  "I get that it's overwhelming right now.  But think of it like your desk when it's covered with paperwork.  What do you do?  You take it one piece at a time and decide what's important to do now."

Sarah's office mentor took her to a clinic after she found out she was pregnant and told her that if she wanted a successful career that this was the only option.  After she left the clinic without making a choice a mysterious older woman gave her a card with three wise men and told her she would have some dreams to help her make the right choice.  

During her struggles the person she was going to be replacing in the office was also pregnant and almost ready to deliver.  It's funny how God will have people in our lives that can be examples to us and allow us to watch them to see how it can be possible.  She befriends Sarah and provides her with remedies for nausea and ways to look at her situation differently. 

For those that love Christian romance than I highly recommend this book, it's filled with mystery, struggle, and love.  The book offers a better understanding on why people do make the choices they make and how families can come together to support each other.

Nicole Flothe
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