Tuesday, December 27, 2011

U'nMe has graciously joined our Giveaways, win a Unique Red Chalk mat!

Hope your Holidays have been cheerful and you've enjoyed spending quality time with your family.  I know we have but at times the kids need entertaining and what better way to do this but find some great things to occupy their busy hands.  We recently found a heartfelt company, U'nMe that have the cutest gifts for kids.  They have created a unique roll up chalk mat that children can bring with them in the car or out and about.  They also have some other awesome products, like a support snake for your little ones and we love their dress line too.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Artist Suzanne Ervin raffles Original Painting with Rafflecopter

Since it's the Holiday Season and people are either Christmas shopping for their family or friends, Artist Suzanne Ervin has generously offered an Original Painting as a giveaway.  The winner will have the opportunity to send in a photo and have her custom recreate the picture on canvas.  You can view her work at www.semyart.com 

Suzanne being an International Artist has had her art displayed all over the world.  Suzanne offers many of her originals on Ebay and the Naples Community Hospital Art Program.  She has sold at auctions, shows, and produced many commissioned art paintings.  Suzanne has developed her skills in Montreal, Canada, throughout the United States, Alaska, and travels to Europe and South America.  You can view her albums on her website that show the detail of the paintings which represent thousands of brush strokes in order to bring the image to life.  The finished image is a work that has been collaborated with Suzanne’s husband Gary.  Gary has been commissioned for many wildlife scenes and animals over the years.  Gary sets the image in place while Suzanne’s artistic flair brings the images to life.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

One of a Kind Heart Plate Giveaway

In our October issue of Heartbeat Magazine we featured Artist Jim Rice. We are excited to share that he is offering us a raffle to give one lucky reader a one of a kind clay heart plate.  He has been very successful in establishing the first professional pottery in Naples, Florida in 1973, The Clay Place.  Mr. Rice has created environmental ceramic pieces, including fireplaces, wall murals, pool tiles, fountains, animals and planters.  His repertoire of functional works includes place settings of dishes, serving bowls, and decorative pieces highlighted by his lively fish platters which are oven, dishwasher and microwave safe.  His custom work and commissions are installed in private homes and public buildings throughout the country.

James Rice has converted his craft into a fine art and his works reflect confidence, vigor and joy of living. It is our pleasure to raffle off one of his unique pieces of art.  The perfect Heart Plate is a true gem on any party table and fun for the family with cookies.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Discover a Delicious slice of Pie

In our October Heartbeat magazine we featured The Country Bounty Restaurant as our recent heartfelt company.  We found them via our Facebook friends site and were excited to share them with others. Have you ever wanted a good old fashioned home cooked meal while on vacation or to know that your restaurant of choice is going to have delicious food? How about a signature piece of pie?  Yummy! The Country Bounty has your answer!
Ryan and Rebecca Stowell and the entire Country Bounty staff welcome you!
"When our family opened this restaurant in 1981, we wanted to provide our guests with the best in country fare, hospitality and great service.  Being the second generation of Stowells, as proprietors we strive to provide the same great values and to convey our constantly growing vision of great tasting foods." - Rebecca Stowell
There address is 413 W. Hwy 50, Salida CO 81201 
They are a short 25 minute drive from Monarch Ski area
Located Across from the Hot Springs Swimming Pool
You can view the article with pictures in our magazine.  We've also included the page here in this blog post...

Monday, October 10, 2011

To Be or Not To Be, on Facebook, Klout and Twitter

With all the changes whirling around on these social media sites many are wondering to post or not to post and how to deal with all the changes.   I wanted to jot down my favorites about Facebook, Twitter and now Klout.

Facebook has done an overhaul to the social media site.  So many changes with the layout and how you can keep up with your friends and family.  I love the list making feature you can now have where you add your family to a list and then when they post something it comes up in your notices. You can also make a close friends list that is private and when your friends post you will be updated.  The other feature that I like on the site is the top right updates that provide a continuous flow of whats happening.  The profile pages are changing too.  The site has changed to a timeline format and will have updates on your profile listing what dates and time you've done things.
Here are a few samples of what is coming...

Rob Almanza Facebook profile -
My Facebook profile -
Steve Green's Facebook Profile -

Twitter has made some updates and changes lately.  The site now features Who to follow under your right hand side of your login page.  Some companies are now promoted and say promoted under their name. The Retweets are different, now there is a drop down list of retweets by others, retweets by you, and your tweets retweeted.  What I like now is when you click on a tweet they highlight the information in the right side of the screen instead of taking you away from your current location.


Recently I saw several people commenting on their Klout Scores on twitter.  I was intrigued and so clicked through to see what Klout was all about. www.klout.com
The Klout Score measures influence based on your ability to drive action. Every time you create content or engage you influence others. The Klout Score uses data from social networks in order to measure: 

  • True Reach: How many people you influence
  • Amplification: How much you influence them
  • Network Impact: The influence of your networkScreen_shot_2011-10-03_at_3

What I really like about Klout is the statistics it provides about peoples areas of interest and influence.  They have been making updates and added new topic pages to the site.  This is cool when I want to learn about people that are influential in the health topics or tech topics.  They also offer Perks to those that have a Klout score higher than a certain set level.  I was able to get some free Moo cards with my perks benefits!
    Share your favorites on Social Media!
    Have a Great day!

    Tuesday, September 20, 2011

    Top 7 reasons we Love Hearts For Hearts Girls™


    1.  The song
    While watching a commercial recently there was a catchy tune, "Hearts for Hearts Girls."  I was intrigued to find out more about the company and researched them online.  I was pleasantly surprised to find much more than a great song but a wonderful doll company.

    2.  The dolls
    They have several dolls in their collection.  Each with their own unique story.  Right now, there are six Hearts For Hearts Girls dolls: Lilian (Belarus), Rahel (Ethiopia), Nahji (India), Tipi (Laos), Consuelo (Mexico), and Dell (United States). The girls tell a story about life in their country, inspired by real girls who are strong, smart, courageous, and determined to rise above challenging circumstances. On Amazon I viewed all the different dolls and saw what I'll be adding to my Christmas shopping list.

    3.  Their mission
    Their mission is Changing The World one Heart at at Time.  When you buy a doll, Hearts For Hearts Girls donates part of the purchase price through their charitable partner, World Vision, to programs that support children, families, and communities in that country. Whether it’s malaria nets in Africa, schoolbooks in Asia, or food supplies in Eastern Europe and the US, these programs help children and families thrive and succeed.  What an amazing way to give back to the World! 

    4.  The accessories
    They have accessories for the dolls, giving girls more entertainment and enjoyment.  The material is soft, good and durable.  As a mother it's always nice to see a company that cares about the fine details right down to the feel of the fabric.  Each girl has a unique clothing line featuring the customs of where they are in the world.  Najhi came with a Dance Costume, Headpiece, Tea Tray with Teapot, and Tea Cups.
    5.  The website
    A pretty pink heart logo is what grabbed me first when I visited the site.  I browsed the different pages and loved the interactive sections.  One of my favorite fun features was to swing the H4H Girls back and forth in their frames before you choose to learn about them. With the doll and accessories you are given a special code to join the website. We used the code and registered to enjoy the games.  There were several games that included interactive play.  We ended up spending the most time on Marketplace.  We spent hours collecting money to complete missions.  This will be something that brings us back time and time again.  I say us because even I enjoyed playing some of the games with my daughter and my son joined in too.  He enjoyed the fishing game the most.

    6.  The videos
    They have several videos on the website to watch.  One is the commercial that my daughter can play over and over again and sing with the girls.  The other is behind the scenes making of the video. 

    7.  The joy it brings to girls around the world
    Not only are the dolls beautiful and the packaging amazing, but the joy that my daughter experienced when dressing Najhi and learning about her life in India is priceless.  We have never had an Indian doll or really learned about how someone many miles away from us lives their lives.  On the website they have true stories about real girls who inspire us, the reason that Hearts For Hearts Girls exists. We enjoyed reading about them.  If you happen to know a girl who inspires you, then tell them about it! Her story might end up on their website.    www.hearts4heartsgirls.com

    Thursday, September 8, 2011

    What makes Hiking and Outdoor Adventures so fun?

    I tend to spend a large amount of my time on my computer with work.   Hikes and family outings are one of the best ways to energize yourself and make some lasting memories.  I love lasting memories of our family trips and special moments to cherish forever. 
    Tonight my son wrote a story for school that was about his two day hike in Alaska.  I thought I'd share the adventure...


    "The Time I Took a Two Day Hike"

    One breezy day in Alaska we set off on a journey.  We were going to make an overnight hike!  On the first day we walked for almost 8 miles over different terrain!  We started off in a forest section with moss and leaves , also a slow incline.  We took a detour to see an amazing waterfall with rushing waters.  

    Back on, the packs went, for more long hours of hiking.  After all that forest we got high in the mountains into a hilly area with many ponds.  From certain pints you could see for miles into Resurrection bay, Seward, and the ocean beyond.  But before that, we camped.  We walked down to a windy gravel beach by Lost lake and set our tent.

    The next day was beautiful with hardly any clouds in the brilliantly blue sky.  In the hills we walked, seeing waterfalls, crystal clear deep blue lakes, and there was even some snow on the trail.  We also saw many other people on the way.  Getting closer to the end was the hardest with our aching feet, and running out of water.  The final part went back to trees and cliffs that you do not wanna look down.

    When we finally got down my Aunt, two cousins, and their 2 dogs were exhilarated
    to see us.  Then we went to town and got tasty pizza at the only "Apollos."  My feet hurt so bad that I had to wear my wool socks into the restaurant! Even though we couldn't call on the hike we told many stories to come.  And that was my first two day hike.

    So I hope you have the opportunity to get outside with your family and go on a hike your children will remember forever and share with others.

    Cheers to your Moments!

    - Nicole Flothe

    Tuesday, September 6, 2011

    Finding 7 Fabulous Facebook Travel Destinations Resources

    If you type in Travel under the search section on Facebook you get thousands of Travel groups, apps, and posts from friends that have used the word travel in their post.  The other day I had joined in on the marketing stroll where you visit other peoples Fan pages and I made several new business friends.  I found this app that one of the new fan page owners was using called Fan of the week.  It is a free app that you can add to your Facebook page. It selects for you the Fan from your page that has been most active in commenting and posting then lets everyone know they have been chosen for Fan of the Week.  

    A great topic of interest is Finding 7 Fabulous Facebook Travel Destinations Resources.  Have you ever been to Jamaica?  I have been when we went on a cruise to the Islands.  We saw the beautiful tourist scenes and visited the Dunn's River Falls.  For things to do in Jamaica here is a handy list...http://www.lonelyplanet.com/jamaica/things-to-do
    Here is our 7 Fabulous Travel Destinations Resources on Facebook:
    1.  LonelyPlanet Jamaica
    2.  Travel 365
    3.  Born in Alaska
    4.  Walt Disney World
    5.  See Australia
    6.  Paris
    7.  London

    Thursday, September 1, 2011

    Make your Friends some Cupcakes.

    I always told my husband if he wanted to make more friends, just make them some cupcakes:)  Once when my son was a baby and he was playing with my keys in the car, he locked the door and he was inside while I was outside with no keys!  Luckily we were at a gas station and the attendants helped me jimmy the lock.  I brought them a box of donuts for a Thank you.  Now-a-days Cupcakes seem to be the clever option when offering a delicious treat to someone.  I think the designs, color and taste are amazing.  Some people are having cupcakes at birthday parties and Wedding cupcakes. 

    There are a few places in Naples that I've visited.  One is Simply Cupcakes of Naples, you can find them on their Facebook page.  I love their updates and pictures. Here is a snapshot of their website...


    Today while I was on Facebook I saw a Facebook Fan Promotion going on where you could stop in on others recommended fan pages and say hello.  It was a fun time checking out businesses all around the world.  I found  Queen of Hearts Specia lty cupcakes, edible bouquets and more


    We chatted for a bit and of course I loved the name of her cupcake company.  She was even sweet enough to offer me a free cupcake when I visit someday:)  Here is a snapshot of her website...


    So I hope this helps you if your looking to make new friends in your area or worldwide.  I hope you have a wonderful night and enjoy some cupcakes where ever you are! 
    Straight from the heart,


    Friday, August 26, 2011

    5 Book Clubs that Impact the World

    Book Club - Book discussion club, a group of people who meet to discuss a book or books that they have read.
    I'm and avid reader and enjoy inspirational books, autobiographies, and romance novels.  I've joined a few book clubs.  They provide others opinions on what they thought of the novel and the impact it had on their lives.  In this quick blog post I wanted to share five book clubs that I feel are impacting the world.


    1. Oprah's Book Club
    2. Amazon's Book Club
    3. Good Reads
    4. Barnes N Noble Book Club 
    5. Book Club Resource

      Saturday, July 16, 2011

      My Top Five Dark Chocolate Dipped Treats

      I've been enjoying pinterest online and love the random photos that are posted.  Since I've joined I have taken an interest in Delicious Foods.  My father and brother have been creating a blend of Dark Chocolate for a while and I have a whole box in my pantry to try out new ideas.  So here is my Top Five favorite Dark Chocolate Treats.

      1.  Dark Chocolate Banana Bites
      I bought some Banana's at Publix today and was excited to try this easy recipe.  I melted three bars of dark chocolate and then peeled my banana.  I cut the banana in bite size pieces and dipped them into the chocolate.  Then I placed them on a tray and sprinkled powdered sugar on top.  They went directly into the Freezer and once done we enjoyed a Delicious treat.  I will for sure have to make this again.  Simple and Yummy.

      2.  Dark Chocolate Stuffed Strawberries
      I love Dark Chocolate and Love Strawberries.  I saw the cutest picture the other day of stuffed strawberries.  All that was required were three ingredients, Dark Chocolate, Strawberries, and cream cheese.  I wasn't sure how the cream cheese would taste but I thought I'd give it a try.  First I melted the chocolate.  Then I cut out the center of the strawberries.  I then dipped the strawberries into the chocolate and then stuffed them with cream cheese.  I placed them in the fridge to harden and enjoy.  They were good and I enjoyed them.  Next time I think I'll make a cheesecake filling and then freeze them.  So Sweet.

      3.  Dark Chocolate Covered Popcorn
      Since I have been making quick desserts lately we had some leftover popcorn and I wasn't sure what I was going to make.  It was simple to melt the chocolate and then pour it over the popcorn.  I stirred it in and then set it in the fridge to harden.  I have to say this was so simple and delicious.  Sometimes lots of ingredients in recipes overwhelm me and so I won't make a dish.  This has got to be the easiest treat for anyone to make!

      4.  Dark Chocolate Covered Marshmallow
      We had some leftover marshmallows from our cook out the other day and since I have been in the dark chocolate covered mode I wanted to try this one out.  I melted the chocolate and dipped the marshmallow into the chocolate.  I then mashed up some Kids cereal for a crunchy outer covering and rolled the dipped marshmallow into the coating.  Then I set them to chill in the fridge.  Once they were done and we could enjoy them I was impressed with the taste but disappointed that they were to big to bite into.  They made a big mess as they melted with each bite.  Next time I will cut the marshmallow in half and it will be easier to enjoy.  All in all, it was for sure a contender for Top 5 Favorite Chocolate Dipped Treats.

      5.  Dark Chocolate Covered Cherrios
      Finally coming in Number 5 on my Top 5, this was an easy and delicious treat.  I had a Tea Party for my daughter the other day and wanted to make something sweet.  We had a big box of Cheerios in the pantry and I thought what if I made a platter of dipped chocolate Cheerios for the kids to enjoy.  Another simple recipe.  I melted the dark chocolate, then poured the cheerios into the bowl and stirred them until they were completely covered.  After that I poured them onto a serving platter and set them in the fridge to harden.  The cheerios were in a shape of a heart and when I took them out they were delicious.  Everyone snacked on them for a fun treat.  Next time I'd like to cut them into heart shape pieces for easier enjoyment as they were all stuck together and a bit hard to break apart.  This was definitely a great way to enjoy all the dark chocolate bars I have and enjoy our Cheerios too.  As some scientists say, Dark Chocolate is  great for us and I've also seen the commercials that say Cheerios help reduce Cholesterol, so a Win Win for sure!

      Monday, July 11, 2011

      I Love Quotes

      I think Quotes are an amazing form of art.  They are something that stays in your heart when you think of someone special or when you read one it brings back memories of that special moment.  On our website www.heartbeatconnection.com under the resources tab I've compiled a list of love quotes.  The next list I'm working on is Heart quotes.  I usually post quotes directly onto my facebook fan page so if you'd like to get some daily heartfelt quotes feel free to stop by at www.facebook.com/heartbeatconnection

      Here are a few of my favorites...

      Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do...but how much love we put in that action. -  Mother Teresa

      This day I will marry my friend, the one I laugh with, live for, dream with, love.  - Anonymous

      To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world. - Anonymous

      Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye. -  H. Jackson Brown Jr

      Finding Time to Love and Be Loved.

      While creating my first publication for Heartbeat Magazine this was my slogan, Finding Time to Love and Be Loved.  My new slogan this month is Finding Heartbeats.  Slogans are so important for businesses.  They connect people with who you are and a quick glimpse into what your company is about.  Slogan's are tag lines that help people remember you.  Right now I'm looking at my water bottle, Aquafina - Pure Water * Perfect Taste.  There is a pretty cool website called http://www.sloganizer.net/en/  I typed in my website name Heartbeat Connection and it created a Slogan for me. If you keep clicking it will create as many as you like and you can pick your favorite ones.

      Here are my top 10 that it Sloganized...

      1.  Can you feel it, Heartbeat Connection.
      2.  Next stop, Heartbeat Connection.
      3.  Heartbeat Connection, loves you.
      4.  Inspired by Heartbeat Connection.
      5.  Think Heartbeat Connection.
      6.  The Power of Heartbeat Connection.
      7.  Heartbeat Connection, evolution.
      8.  With a name like Heartbeat Connection, it has to be good.
      9.  Feel good with Heartbeat Connection.
      10.  Everyone loves Heartbeat Connection.

      Using Issuu to launch the Heartbeat Magazine

      I did some research and found an interesting website called www.issuu.com They offer the ability to upload your magazine that you create and provide links to your readers to view it on their computers or download it and read it at leisure.  I really enjoy the platform and so have completed four issues of my Heartbeat Magazine so far. 

      This Month will be our 5th Issue and we are excited to celebrate in style.  You can view the publication on issuu by clicking on the link... http://issuu.com/nicoleflothe/docs/heartbeatconnection

      Enjoy Reading!

      Wednesday, March 9, 2011

      Unlimited Moving Company Heartbeat Review

      Wayne Johnson - Owner

      Why does your Company have a Heartbeat?
      My company has a Heartbeat because we are cost-effective, we get to travel and share the scenic views and update where we are located so our customer can feel secure. We have professional experience guys who not only move your items but care about your things like their own. We specialize in all aspects of moving to assure that you get all around professional service and what is promised.
      What is your Companies Mission?
      We strive to make the entire moving process an organized symphony of organization, professionalism and safety. We are not just a home or office moving company, we take pride in what we do.
      What do you want to do with your Heartbeat?
      We want our Heartbeat to ensure others that we want to build a honest relationship so we can have repeated clientele, because there are a lot of moving companies that just think only about the money and mistreat their customers. We offer flat rates to ensure that the customers won't be overcharged after given an estimate. And we take pride and care of our customers belongings.
      What are you doing for your community?
      We have donated our time to the community helping churches, making donations, and offering support.
      If you were to connect with others who would be your first connection and why?
      I would like to connect with people to let them know that moving can be stress free. By doing that people can visit my website www.unlimitedmovingcompany.com and learn step by step on how to move and to ensure them that they will get quality services.
      If you had one question to ask others what would it be?
      Do you know where your spiritual walk is with God?

      Monday, February 7, 2011

      Healthy Living Concierge Heartbeat Review

      Shelly Aristizabal - Founder & CEO

      Why does your Company have a Heartbeat?
      Healthy Living Concierge is committed to offering a wide variety of health/fitness/wellness written articles, related links, services and activities. Our mission is to educate, motivate and empower people to live a healthy lifestyle.

      What is your Companies Mission?
      Our mission is to contribute to the community, a better awareness of health, wellness, fitness and nutrition. We are committed to facilitating in the organizing, empowering, educating, motivating and inspiring people to live a healthier lifestyle.

      What do you want to do with your Heartbeat?
      I would like to offer people the opportunity to find balance for their life. A healthy, balanced lifestyle includes Good Health - Physically, Emotionally, Socially, Intellectually & Spiritually.

      What are you doing for your community?
      We offer a web site, www.HealthyLivingConcierge.com, for people to get information, in the community, to improve one's health.

      If you were to connect with others who would be your first connection and why?
      Anyone looking for encouragement & motivation to live a healthier, happier, more prosperous life!

      If you had one question to ask others what would it be?
      What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

      Friday, January 28, 2011

      Abundant Constructions Heartbeat Review

      Owner - Grant Woodward
      Why does your Company have a Heartbeat?
      Here at Abundant constructions we have a heartbeat because it our passion that our performance not only reaches, but exceeds our clients expectations!

      What is your Companies Mission?

      “Through our commitment and focus we strive to create fresh, open living spaces, where quality finish and client satisfaction are our passion.” 

      What do you want to do with your Heartbeat?

      Leave every client knowing that we will be recommended further, and be the choice of contact for return building solutions.

      What are you doing for your community?

      Providing a quality service where all clients can be assured that we are a business of integrity.

      If you were to connect with others who would be your first connection and why?

      The young lady who designed this website, because she is to be commended for her cause.

      If you had one question to ask others what would it be?

      When was the last time you performed a random act of kindness?

      Monday, January 17, 2011

      KidsTech.tv Heartbeat Review

      KidsTech - Caitlyn Gatrell

      Why does your Company have a Heartbeat?
      My company, KidsTech www.kidstech.tv, has a heartbeat because I take time to review and talk about cool electronics for kids and their families. That way they know what they want to check out.
      What is your Companies Mission?
      To provide good news and reviews for cool kids tech products.
      What do you want to do with your Heartbeat?
      I want to help kids learn about technology.
      What are you doing for your community?
      I am providing good news and reviews.
      If you were to connect with others who would be your first connection and why?
      I don't really know. I want to connect with everybody who wants to learn about cool technology.
      If you had one question to ask others what would it be?
      What is your hearbeat connection and why?

      Wednesday, January 12, 2011

      Melinda Nagy Photography Hearbeat Review

      Melinda Nagy Photography

      Why does your Company have a Heartbeat?
      My company, Melinda Nagy Photography, has a Heartbeat because at the core of everything I do there's passion and commitment. I started photography a year ago and I feel that the Heartbeat grew stronger and stronger every day through all the things I've learned, all the people I've met through photography, through all the experiences I've had related to photography, through all the hearts I've touched with my photos and all the memories I was able to make for people that came in contact with me and my camera. I'd like to think that the "heartbeat" was extended beyond me and my company. And that is ultimately an honor for me.

      What is your Companies Mission?
      My company's Mission is to ultimately create beautiful moments in time that can be cherished forever. My style is fun and fresh and I like to be a mere observer of an important event or moment in the life of my clients. A second parallel Mission is creating art that moves the viewer, that produces emotion and that makes one stop to just enjoy it. 

      What do you want to do with your Heartbeat?
      This year's resolution is to extend the Heartbeat to a lot more people through my photography, whether it's new clients, new friends, or people I can look up to and learn from. Photography sort of made me come out of my shell and now I'm starting to think that it has to do with that Heartbeat of what I do. So, in the future I plan to network more, meet more people, create more art!
      What are you doing for your community?
      That is on my resolution list this year. I have a few great ideas, will see which ones I can put together! Stay tuned!

      If you were to connect with others who would be your first connection and why?
      I would connect with as many photographers as possible. There is always something inspiring out there, there's always something new to learn everywhere you look.

      If you had one question to ask others what would it be?   
      What do professional photographers mean to you and what would be one thing that would determine whether you'll take your family to the Mall for photos or to a professional photographer?

      Antioxidant Superfoods Company Heartbeat Review

      Antioxidant Superfoods Inc.

      Why does your Company have a Heartbeat?
      We have a heartbeat because we care for life, old and young.  We know a heartbeat is not a given but a blessing and we should honor and take care of our heartbeat so we can share with others.
      Our heartbeat is based on using our knowledge to impact the lives and knowledge of our family, love ones and the human race.  If we can turn our knowledge into meaningful products that will change the lives of our young, adults and the old we will of shared our heartbeat in a way we can be proud of.

      What is your Companies Mission?
      Our mission is to develop technology into health, which in turn will allow children, adults and the old to live life with a healthy heartbeat.  We expect to impact millions with there daily challenge to eat healthy technology that is affordable and fun to eat. 

      What do you want to do with your Heartbeat?
      We expect to take our heartbeat to the world and make man kind healthier, happier and with knowledge of how one can improve their life.
      What are you doing for your community?
      We have given healthy chocolate to many children, raised funds for education and educated individuals on the impact of healthier confections.

      If you were to connect with others who would be your first connection and why?
      Doctors and care givers.  This group will have the most impact on our missions success. 

      If you had one question to ask others what would it be?   
      Are you interested in your health and most important your Children's health?  If the answer is yes then that person should consider control of foods they buy and health goals they set for themselves and their family. 

      Monday, January 10, 2011

      Alpha Accounting Company Heartbeat Review

      Alpha Accounting & Professional Services

      Why does your Company have a Heartbeat?
      Our company has a heartbeat because we honor our commitments and contributions to our clients and employees. We believe our heartbeat is provided by our faith in God and our integrity of our company.

      What is your Companies Mission?
      Devoted to educating taxpayers about tax policies and the total tax laws by which effects Americans at all levels and providing the client with the complete care required for confident completion!

      What do you want to do with your Heartbeat?
      Create ease and comfort for those that deal with their Taxes and Business. Also provide them support and education to know that they are completing all the required documentation correctly!

      What are you doing for your community?
      Provide a helping hand for those that don't know the rules and regulations for taxes and providing a free consultation to new clients.

      If you were to connect with others who would be your first connection and why?
      Our first connection would be with our church community. We are blessed by having a supportive personal development in our lives by attending Church and having a strong relationship with God. By having this connection we can be of a stronger resource for those that may be in trouble or need a supportive direction.

      If you had one question to ask others what would it be?
      How we could better serve them when they come to our office and request for certain things to be completed. It would make our time more beneficial for both parties.
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