Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Book Review: The I Factor - How Building a Great Relationship with Yourself Is the Key to a Happy, Successful Life - By Van Moody

It's such a pleasure to find books to review on BookLookBloggers and this month I went with a relationship theme, The I Factor by Van Moody.

The key to the life you want is inside you.

One question lies behind every struggle we face: How do I deal with myself? Behind all our stumbles, behind each of our missteps, behind every one of our failings lies an inability to handle what Van Moody calls the “I-Factor.” More than self-worth or self-respect, beyond even character and perception of purpose, the I-Factor is about managing yourself—your whole life—well. In his inspiring new book, Moody reveals how to get hold of your I-Factor.

Moody identifies three dynamics essential to winning the battle of the I-Factor: identity, significance, and perspective. When you understand your identity you know who you are, setting your foundation for everything. When you understand your significance, you see the purpose and the greatness you were created for. And when you understand perspective, you can view the problems you face as stepping-stones to greatness rather than stumbling blocks. Properly understand these three dynamics, and you will be able to master your I-Factor.

Weaving together personal stories, practical principles, and profound biblical truth, The I-Factor provides the key to achieving the life of greatness that you are destined for.

Favorite Quotes -
Your Identity Is Not Based on Circumstances - Everyone's life is affected at some point by situations outside of his or her control.  When these things happen, many people allow them to define who they are...

Truth about relationships: it's your relationship with yourself that trumps every other association in your life.

The three ingredients for your best possible life are a great relationship with God, a great relationship with yourself, and a great relationship with others.

The right perspective will enable you to walk across difficulties to your destiny instead of allowing them to stop you in your tracks.

Thank you to Booklookbloggers.com for the opportunity to review this book.


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Book Review - Warrior Wife, Overcoming the Unique Struggles of a Military Marriage by Hillary Sigrist

Warrior Wife, Overcoming the Unique Struggles of a Military Marriage by Hillary Sigrist is a book about the unique way the military will change you, your husband, and your marriage. In the book she shares about the “new normal” lifestyle that challenges even the strongest foundations.

When you hold the hand of a warrior, you’re joining him on a quest—one that traverses glory and pain. It’s a journey traveled by few, and fewer make it through till completion. Extraordinary men have run our colors across the battlefields of history, but behind them have been the women who have held vigil as they go.

But what doesn’t break you will make you stronger if you let it!
This book will illustrate the courage, support, and faith it takes to overcome the challenges of military marriages, as well as the tools, understanding, and insight to enter into the rewarding experience of being a warrior wife. “I believe military wives are super women in their own right, it’s impossible for you to do it all.”

“Take heart in knowing that God’s timing for His new creation is exactly as He planned (Ecclesiastes 3:11)”

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

“He knows the plans He has for you, plans to prosper and not to harm you” (Jeremiah 29:11)”

It's such a pleasure to find books to review on BookLookBloggers and this was a great one with a family theme.  Visit www.hillarysigrist.com for more information.
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