Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cara Box GiftSwap and Family Crafts

Today is the start of December and I am getting excited about all the holiday celebrations.  I recently joined a fun blog gift swap over at Wifessionals.  I was paired up with a sweet girl named Tiffany from Fashion in the Forest and Life of a Lost Muse.  I was so happy to receive my Cara box the other day, a Cara box is a special gift box sent in the mail to you from a new friend.  Cara means beloved friend. Here are my sweet gifts that Tiffany sent me...

Be sure to visit Tiffany's website to get to know her better!  She is a true Angel:) 

For this month I'll be doing some family projects with the kids.  I was sent an email recently about how to make some fun original artwork with your family.  I can't wait for my project to come in the mail.  Also if you love crafts, I have created a great Pinterest on crafting, you can check it out here.

Here are some great resources from Colortime and a special offer they sent me:)

Since 1990, over 5 million children and adults have loved creating t-shirts, pillowcases, backpacks, tote bags, bandanas, and more for parties, slumber parties, and scout meetings with our permanent fabric markers. We have provided our customers the opportunity to entertain their guests with a creative activity that becomes a permanent keepsake. Also, we are a licensed vendor of the Girl Scouts of America. Check out our wholesale program, great for your organizations.

We also offer free downloadable coloring pages ( and a "Birthday Club" ( with special incentives.

Get 15% off all orders Promo Code: 15USFG when you check out at

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