Thursday, November 14, 2013

What is Bloglovin?

Do you have a Bloglovin account?  Bloglovin is a website that offers you the opportunity to follow the blogs you love all in one newsfeed.  The company was created in Sweden and they wanted to offer a blog reader to their fashion industry bloggin friends.  After launching one week later they had 1000 people signed up and now they have popular blog posts and so many other great features.  My favorite icon from the site to post on your blog is the Eifell Tower logo!

I got an email from Bloglovin after I joined and here are David's top 5 tips on how you can grow your Bloglovin following:

1) Add a Follow Button. Add a Bloglovin follow button on the sidebar of your blog. This will encourage your readers to start following your blog, and as your followers grow, your blog will rank higher on Bloglovin. You can create your own follow button – or you can use one of our standard follow widgets here. Pro Advice: The sidebar is great – but a Bloglovin link in the header works wonders to grow your followers. Pro Example:

2) Add a Bloglovin Link at the Bottom of Your Blog Posts. Bloggers that add a link at the bottom of every post grow their followers and ranking 5X faster than those that don’t. Pro Example:

3) Put Yourself Out There. One of the best ways to grow your followers is to create a post explaining what Bloglovin does – your readers will also appreciate the tip on better blog reading! Pro Example:

4) Connect Your Blog to Facebook Make sure to connect your blog to Facebook. Bloggers that do get on average, 120 more visitors per post than bloggers that don't. Connect your blog here:

5) Invite Your Friends to Follow Your Blog

I’m so happy to be a part of the bloglovin’ family!

If you have any questions you can check out 

I've also recently joined a Bloglovin Blog Hop for the month of November!  

1.  Follow your host and co-hosts (you can click on the profile pics above or find them in the linky).
2.  Enter your link directly to your Bloglovin' profile (remember, you will have to manually upload your photo).
3.  Visit 3-5 other bloggers in the linky.
4.  Tweet and share this hop!
5. Let me know if you add the button below to your blog (provide a link). I'll give you some social media touts!

Happy Kids, Inc


  1. Bloglovin' is the best. I find it so great rather than getting a bunch of emails from different blogs!

  2. Bloglovin is hands down my favourite reader, thanks for co-hosting Nicole!


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