Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Promise Or, The Pros and Cons of Talking with God by Sean Paul Murphy Book Review

Interview with Sean Paul Murphy by Nicole Flothe:

It was so nice to connect with Sean Paul via email after he read my review of Sarah's Choice on the Heartbeat Connection blog.  I was excited to read his memoir and I enjoyed learning from his life experiences.  Below is a telephone interview I did:

What compelled you to write your story?  My words seemed to help people with suicide or someone in need.  
I told the story through my eyes and reviewed past letters.  I was respectful of people's privacy and life and changes were made to locations.  My niece gave me great details 
in my sister's suicide and since we hadn't talked for a while this gave us a way to connect again.

How are you doing now?  I've had a great year. My health has taken a tremendous improvement.  My wife and I are doing great.  People are thinking, changing their attitudes, and getting closer to the Lord.

What do you recommend to give back to your community and the world?  We attend our local church and are involved with many charitable events.  One that is close to my heart is helping the Inner City Children of Baltimore.  Seeing children get off the violent streets, out of gangs, and into the education system are some of our many goals.  Another area I recommend people get involved in is with suicide programs.  If you can help someone get past that first suicidal moment and help them find a reason to keep on living studies have shown that the risk for recurring suicide diminishes greatly. 

To learn more about your book and your life what website should someone visit?  Please visit my blog at You can also order a copy of the book at

Here are some of my favorite heart quotes from the book:

I needed her to utter a word of such monumental power to break the wall around my sheltered heart and encourage me.

I just never felt capable of discussing the deeper things of my heart like my feelings and my faith, which, in the end, are the things that define us all as human beings.

My stories, like the other treasures of my heart, remained bolted down and locked away.

What I previously understood with my head became real within my heart.

he inherited an admirable trait from his parents: An unwillingness to take no for an answer in matters of the heart

Still, there was something supernatural about that dream.  If it wasn't actually my grandfather, the dream had to be a vision given to me by the Lord to set my heart at ease.

I would do whatever it took to win her heart

I held the key to her heart

Being a person who didn't like being pressed on matters of the heart myself, I never pressed her on the subject.

Distance definitely made both of our hearts grow fonder.

The relationship with a parent and a child is perhaps the most fundamental relationship a human being will ever have.  If you can't find peace within it, I doubt you will be able to find peace within a marriage later.

Being unwilling or unable to talk to anyone about my heartbreak, I suppose it was bound to surface somewhere, whether I liked it or not.

I hope you enjoy reading the memoir of Sean Paul Murphy and learn from his life lessons.


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