Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Get Creative At Home To Get Something Beneficial From Your Time Together!

How often do your kids come home after school and you want to do something fun with them but they are not interested?  Have you ever thought of any creative ideas to suggest or ask your kids what they might like to do with you?

I found this great ebook called After School Activities That Actually Engage Kids. You can click on the image below to grab your free copy.

Ebook Excerpt: It has often been said that if children came with their own set of instructions, parenting would be a whole lot easier. While this might be true, it wouldn’t be as challenging, and it sure wouldn’t be nearly as much fun! Since there aren’t definitive instruction booklets for parenting and no two children are alike, parents have to wing it as they go along. This can create some incredible memories and make the job the toughest one a person will ever love. Engaging children in activities they love can be one of the most frustrating challenges facing parents today. Ask many parents and they will readily admit they have no idea what to do with their children once school is out, the homework is done and the chores have all been completed. The problem becomes even more troublesome during vacations and especially during that long stretch of summer. Of course, there are alternatives the kids love, but parents aren’t so fond of. The truth is educational, recreational and low-tech activities do experience constant competition from electronics like video games and television sets. While the “electronic babysitters” can work as a reward or an occasional activity, most parents just don’t want their kids sitting in front of a screen all the time. These activities are just not healthy for children on a constant basis. They do need to get up, stretch their legs and expand their mind. For some parents, the problem after school doesn’t involve computers or television programs. Their kids would rather “hang out” with their friends and remain unsupervised for hours on end. This is an issue that can also cause parents a great deal of angst. Just like television and video games, hanging out (with supervision) can be great once in a while. It is important for building socialization skills and helping kids unwind after busy days at school. Still, when this is the only after-school activity offered, it can be a big problem. There has to be better options for parents to try that kids will like, right? Well, there is. In fact, you’ll find with a little bit of exploration and some nudging, you can locate the perfect after-school activities to keep your kids engaged, enjoying themselves and staying out of trouble at the same time.

If you’re ready to take the after-school activity bull by the horns and find things for your kids to do that will actually engage them, read on. In this book, we’ll discuss the importance of having activities lined up, how to explore choices for younger children and even teens and even offer some ideas for the entire family. It is important to remember that after-school activities don’t have to be all solo ventures. If parents and other children can get involved, too, the time spent can become doubly valuable. Not only will youngsters be engaged in a healthy activity, they’ll also benefit from family time and bonding. There’s more to life once the bell rings than sitting on a couch or watching a computer screen. Help your kids find activities that suit them and you will be doing your children and yourself a huge favor.

Another fun way my family has enjoyed an afternoon is by doing a Scavenger Hunt.  We create a list of places to find and then at the end of the hunt there is a prize.  The kids run around the house or place that we are having the hunt and excited to find the next clue.  

If you are interested in joining an Online Selfie Scavenger Hunt then be sure to check it out here:

I hope that you have fun with your family and enjoy your family time.  Leave a comment with the kind of Scavenger Hunts that you've done before.


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