Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Have you ever spent time in Seattle? WW entry

I am spending the week in Seattle, Washington to be a support for my nephew Austin that has surgery scheduled at Seattle Children's Hospital.  We can see the Space Needle from his window. He has lots of family praying and believing for him!  One of the things I love about Seattle is there are so many beautiful flowers in bloom this Spring.  Have you ever been to Seattle?

Dandelion's are so pretty in the sunlight!
Lovely Architecture at the Seattle Children's Hospital
Beautiful Seattle Sunset out Austin's Window
Out for a walk around the hospital and I found this heart on the window!
Love the Purple flowers on this tree!
Looks like snow on this tree!

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  1. Delightful dandelion! Also, thank you so fairy much for the compliment on my blog redesign. *sparkle*

    ♥ aquariann
    Featured Photo: Triumph Tulips

    1. Hi Kristin, Thanks! :) Have a beautiful week!

  2. Beautiful pictures, prayers for your family that things will be well for your nephew soon!

    1. Hi Karren, thank you for the prayers and belief that things will be well for my nephew soon! We are believing the same thing! xoxo

  3. Great shots. I love the creativity of the angles.



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