Monday, September 2, 2013

Giveaway Limited Edition YOYO Lip Gloss

Recently, I was contacted by YOYO Lip Gloss to review their NEW Limited Edition Justice Initial YOYO Lip Glosses.  These amazing lip glosses feature a full face of Bling with beautiful Initial letters in the center of the reel covered with high shining glitters.  

These limited edition glosses are only available at Justice Shops and on

Since I have a daughter that loves everything sweet and fashionable, I new it would be a winner!  We got the three samples in the mail in a cute pink box and Lizzie immediately wanted to open the package and see what was inside!  I told her it was the YOYO Lip Gloss and that I had to take a few pictures before she could select the one that she wanted.  The ones they sent us were the initial N, a lovely Heart design, and a cute smile design :)  I was excited about the N, for me, but I patiently waited for Lizzie to select the one that she wanted.  She chose the N and said that it could be a Z and would be a letter in her name.  I was happy to have the heart gloss as my choice, hearts are always at the top of my list of favorites!  I love their slogan - Never at a loss for your gloss!  The first thing Lizzie found was that the YOYO Lip gloss had a retractable feature and that she could clip it on her hip.  In the photos below she wanted to share how she had her new lip gloss on her hip and then pulled it to gloss her lips.  She was so excited!  Clip it on your hip and swirl it on your lips!  

Enter our Giveaway below to win a YoYoLipGloss of your own!

Our Samples of YOYO Lip Gloss!
Lizzie shows how she has clipped the Lip Gloss to her hip.
She is so happy to be able to use the retractable cord to apply the lip gloss.
Purple and Bling are some of her favorites and this has made her day!
1.  The only place in the world you can purchase these FAB glosses is at Justice Shops
2.  3 different color and flavor variations are available - Cotton Candy(turquoise), Bubblegum (light pink), and Grape (purple).
3.  Each design is beautifully crystalized with high sparkling glitter initials or peace signs, you can choose from 17 letters or a peace sign design.
4.  The lip glosses can easily be clipped on to a belt, pocket or school bag for quick and easy access.
5.  These glosses solve the lost lip gloss dilemma, never search for your gloss again!
6.  The formula used is a soft non sticky formula that is comparable to a high grade prestige lip gloss.
7.  Not just a lip gloss but is also a fashion accessory.
8.  You can interchange your YOYOs, connect your blue gloss to your purple YOYO Reel!

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