Friday, September 20, 2013

What reminds you that it's time for Halloween?

I have been seeing many colors lately that remind me that Fall is coming and that the kids will be excited to celebrate Holiday parties like Halloween.  I love seeing my kids get dressed up in different characters that they can be for the night.  We usually visit our local church, they have an awesome Harvestfest event and then we go to the local neighborhood so the kids can get candy door to door.

Today, I'm participating in the Sharing is Caring Blog Hop, #SharingisCaringBlogHop.

This post is part of the Sharing is Caring Halloween Blog Hop hosted by Life With LovebugsPam’s Party & Practical Tips, and A Spectacled Owl!

What reminds you of Halloween?  Here are a few things I found that reminded me we are getting closer to that fun filled day.

1.  The beautiful Orange color of this Bird of Paradise. 
2.  The brilliant range of colors on my orange roses.
3.  New Candy at the check out counter at Walgreens.

4.  Inside the package, the candy is the perfect reminder it's almost Halloween.
5.  Candy Corn is a holiday tradition.

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  1. I love Halloween candy! I need to try those Candy Corn M&M's! I tried the new Starburst candy corn & they were really good!

  2. Oh gosh I am going to have to go to Walgreen's to see if I can find that candy. I would love to try those M&M's.

  3. Shut the front door - There are candy corn M&M's?!?!? I think I need to head out to the store right now! P.S. I have orange roses too and they are growing like crazy right now!

  4. I really love the birds of paradise picture too! Wish that we had those in my region. I have never seen the fun candy by M&M's, how cool is that! ~ Rhonda

  5. I'm one of the participants in the Sharing is Caring Halloween Blog Hop. What reminds me of Halloween the most is the smell of the leaves turning. There's just a distinctive smell that reminds me of that time of year :-)

    You can find my submission at

    Jennifer @ The Jenny Evolution

  6. I saw those candy corn M&M's at the store the other day, I was so tempted to buy a bag but I didn't. I should have because they are so colorful and fun for Halloween! I love your flowers, gorgeous :)

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