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Friday Book Review, Secrets of Dynamic Communication

Who would benefit from knowing the Secrets of Dynamic Communication? 
Secrets of Dynamic Communications: Prepare with Focus, Deliver with Clarity, Speak with Power by Ken Davis  Rating 4 Stars

When I saw the title of this book I thought it would be a great read as I was looking forward to discovering the secrets!  Thanks Booksneeze for the opportunity to review this book. 

The author, Ken Davis, stated that within the pages, I'd learn how to:

  • dramatically reduce my prep time,
  • communicate with more clarity and focus,
  • increase my ability to connect with the audience, and
  • craft speeches that leave an impact
Here are some of my favorite highlights from the book:

Speakers, non-fiction authors, salespersons, entertainers, preachers, moms, dads, husbands, wives, corporate leaders, and political figures will find the secret of dynamic communication can revolutionize their ability to develop powerful presentations that persuade and move people to action.

If you want people to listen, learn, and take action, you must speak with crystal-clear focus.

It is only after that focused preparation they can step on the platform to speak with confidence, move people to action, and change lives.

If you aim at nothing, you will hit nothing every time.

That is why a dynamic presentation is secondary to a focused presentation.  What good is it to be dynamic about nothing?  

Because I was unfocused in my preparation, I was hitting the horns, instead of the heart.

Communication is not about you or what people will think about you or how well you will perform.  Communication is about the people sitting in front of you.  It's about giving to them, helping them, instructing them, and persuading them of something that will enrich their lives.

In this book you will learn a method for preparing messages that, like a scope, forces the speaker to prepare with an absolute, pin-pointed focus.  The preparation method is called SCORRE.  The primary function of the SCORRE process are as follows:
  • It serves as a scope to force the speaker to focus on a single objective.
  • It serves as a logical grid forcing the speaker to make sense and lead the audience to the objective.
Resources help the listener "feel" what you are describing.

We watch an amazing quarterback throw a perfect pass for the winning touchdown and wonder, "What is the secret to such precision?"  And the answer is so unglamorous.  It is hours of unseen practice, developing the "mundane" foundational basics such as how to hold the ball, how to stand, and how to develop the most efficient throwing motion.

The sculptor who conceives of a beautiful image she wishes to share with the public begins with a solid hunk of granite.  All of the granite is good granite, yet to bring the image to life she must start chipping away perfectly good granite.  Only by getting rid of what doesn't contribute to the image is she able to bring that image to life.  

Know what the "heart of the matter" is and get to it.  Your time and the listeners' time is precious.

The more intimately you know your subject, and are passionate about that subject, the more enthusiastic and genuine your presentation will be and the better it will be received.

If you believe in what you are talking about and care about the people you are sharing it with, the audience will know.

Diligence in preparation results in excellence on the platform.

The objective sentence determines the purpose and structure of your talk.

In the heart of the message you must deliver on accomplishing the objective.  Everything you do and say before you get to the heart of the message should be designed to prepare the audience to hear it.

When the listener makes the connection between the information and the benefit it brings to them, communication is born.

Throughout the book there was sections that allowed you to practice creating a focused objective and layout your presentation.  I had a bit of trouble following this section as I was reading the book on my iPhone but it will be a book that I will be able to resource for a lifetime.  I highly recommend it if you are in the speaking industry or just want to get your message across more clearly and get better results.

Charlie "Tremendous" Jones always said, "Five years from today, you will be the same person that you are today, except for the books you read and the people you meet."

Do you have a book you've recently read?  Please share with me if you have a great suggestion!

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