Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Lights

Holiday Lights, Christmas Tree, and Santa Claus
Christmas lights are always so beautiful, there are so many varieties.  I enjoy seeing my neighbors lights and their holiday decor.  In Naples, there are communities that run Christmas light events, you can drive through at night and see the gorgeous display.


The first display of Christmas lights on a tree was by Edward Johnson in 1882, he worked under the direction of Thomas Edison and became Vice President of Edison's Electric Company.  Below are a few of my favorite Christmas Tree lights photos.

What type of Christmas lights do you like?
Nicole Flothe
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  1. Beautiful photos! One of our family traditions is driving around one night close to Christmas to look at the holiday lights!

    1. Hi Emma, Thanks so much! We love doing that too, I can't wait to go for the family drive and hear all the oooohs and ahhhhs. Have a sweet holiday!

  2. I love Christmas lights, I need to start shopping soon before Christmas passes :) I like watching them blink and spark at night time, when everyone is sleeping.

    Have a great day.

    1. We went to Home Depot and found our treasures. Have fun shopping!

  3. We have old fashioned bulbs around the house outside and my husband has added inflatable snowmen and penguins over the years! We both love the mulitcolored lights on the tree, it's what we had as kids. Thanks for sharing! Monika

    1. Hi Monika, Thanks so much for stopping by! I love old fashioned light bulbs, they must be beautiful! Twinkle Twinkle, it's too bad we can't keep our houses colorful at night all year long! Happy Holidays!


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