Tuesday, October 7, 2014

20 Short Ones by Dan Salerno Book Review

I was given the opportunity to review this book, 20 Short Ones: 20 Short Stories by Dan Salerno from Booklookbloggers.com.  I enjoyed that I could read 20 short stories all in one book.  The only problem I had was when I really liked one story and wanted it to continue further.  The book took me to many different places, had a strong focus on relationships, and the locations were mostly in Michigan or Ireland. Here are my highlights from the book:

"Life gets complicated.  As soon as  you begin understanding that there's more to life than you, and become interested in other people, then you realize you can't live without them, and you stop telling the truth so that they'll like you."  "Well, now that you put it that way, yes, it does make a lot of sense.  People realize they need to be loved, right?  So, part of the price you pay for love is to turn a blind eye to what could hurt somebody."

"You must have built up a whole ocean full of memories behind you."

"Because everybody has experiences that they need to tell other people about.  If they don't they just stay there and build up until they're shared with someone."

"Maybe love trumps embarrassment."

"It's better to have loved in vain than never to have loved at all"

"Whoever first quipped that a way to a man's heart was through their stomach wasn't too far off."

"The point is that you can't force a person to be merciful, because it's based on grace.  But once given, mercy blesses both the one who gives it as well as the one who's fortunate to receive it."

"Psalm 85: "Mercy and truth have met together, Righteousness and peace have kissed."

"But I'm not my mom and I have a choice.  I can choose to look beyond the ship, and when she yells at me because she's sinking and afraid, I can reach out my hand to her and offer her my love.  Because I'm not on the same sinking boat if I make the choice."

"Chit-chat is just a way for people to break the ice.  To become relaxed with each other so a real heart-to-heart can happen."

"If you aren't out there observing how others interact, and do a little interacting yourself, you don't have much of a chance to mimic patterns of socially acceptable behavior, like dating.

"Good posture lent itself to making good decisions."

"How do you respond when life hands you a second chance when your heart seems to be thumping along at a hundred miles and hour?"

"The laugh was from someplace deep inside, a wellspring of happiness that couldn't be stopped."

"We accept the love we think we deserve."

Irish saying, "If you kiss someone for the first time under a full moon, you'll fall in love." And they did.

Nicole Flothe
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20 Short Ones: 20 Short Stories

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  1. Nicole thank you, so much, for your review of my book 20 Short Ones. It's my hope that the pleasure that I had in writing each of the short stories in it would be felt by each reader. Thanks again!


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