Friday, July 17, 2015

Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe Book Review

I love having the opportunity to read inspirational books from  This last month I choose a book called Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe by Max Lucado with Candace Lee & Eric Newman.  

What I loved about the book was the mystery and possibilities of the main character.  The story focuses around this woman that has left her Football star husband as he cheated on her.  Her mother passed away and left her coffee shop to her daughter.  She loves to bake and has moved into her mother’s home with the coffee shop with her two kids.  The older son is frustrated as he wants his parents to work things out.  She finds out she has a large tax debt that her mother never paid and her troubles begin.  Her estranged spouse still wants to be with her and work things out but she can’t see this ever happening.  Throughout the book there is this man that helps in different ways.  She had a hired helper that quit and he just happened to show up and be able to work for her.  The book shared how this special person was her guardian angel.  He was to protect her and keep her safe.  As the cafe struggled to survive with the tax debt and the few patrons she didn’t know how she was going to stay open.  The competition offered free wifi and she didn’t have this capability until one night this vendor came in and said that she could use their globe wifi for a few months.  She accepted and the cafe began to prosper but the funny thing was that the internet only offered one website.  It was a blog written by God and you were able to ask one question.  Each person that came in had the opportunity to ask any question they wanted on the blog and they would get a response.  People started coming from all around to see the answers that were offered and try and figure out who was behind this blog site.  What I liked about the story was how the family situations were shared and they were so realistic.  I could really feel the frustration and anxieties when she was dealing with her business and her personal life.  Another thing I thought was interesting was how the book explained the guardian angels role and that he didn’t always have all the answers but was there when she needed him.  All she had to do was ask or pray.  Trust was a big issue throughout the book and I would say made the most impact in the novel.  I would recommend reading this book when you have some free time this summer! 

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