Monday, January 10, 2011

Alpha Accounting Company Heartbeat Review
Alpha Accounting & Professional Services

Why does your Company have a Heartbeat?
Our company has a heartbeat because we honor our commitments and contributions to our clients and employees. We believe our heartbeat is provided by our faith in God and our integrity of our company.

What is your Companies Mission?
Devoted to educating taxpayers about tax policies and the total tax laws by which effects Americans at all levels and providing the client with the complete care required for confident completion!

What do you want to do with your Heartbeat?
Create ease and comfort for those that deal with their Taxes and Business. Also provide them support and education to know that they are completing all the required documentation correctly!

What are you doing for your community?
Provide a helping hand for those that don't know the rules and regulations for taxes and providing a free consultation to new clients.

If you were to connect with others who would be your first connection and why?
Our first connection would be with our church community. We are blessed by having a supportive personal development in our lives by attending Church and having a strong relationship with God. By having this connection we can be of a stronger resource for those that may be in trouble or need a supportive direction.

If you had one question to ask others what would it be?
How we could better serve them when they come to our office and request for certain things to be completed. It would make our time more beneficial for both parties.

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