Monday, July 11, 2011

Finding Time to Love and Be Loved.

While creating my first publication for Heartbeat Magazine this was my slogan, Finding Time to Love and Be Loved.  My new slogan this month is Finding Heartbeats.  Slogans are so important for businesses.  They connect people with who you are and a quick glimpse into what your company is about.  Slogan's are tag lines that help people remember you.  Right now I'm looking at my water bottle, Aquafina - Pure Water * Perfect Taste.  There is a pretty cool website called  I typed in my website name Heartbeat Connection and it created a Slogan for me. If you keep clicking it will create as many as you like and you can pick your favorite ones.

Here are my top 10 that it Sloganized...

1.  Can you feel it, Heartbeat Connection.
2.  Next stop, Heartbeat Connection.
3.  Heartbeat Connection, loves you.
4.  Inspired by Heartbeat Connection.
5.  Think Heartbeat Connection.
6.  The Power of Heartbeat Connection.
7.  Heartbeat Connection, evolution.
8.  With a name like Heartbeat Connection, it has to be good.
9.  Feel good with Heartbeat Connection.
10.  Everyone loves Heartbeat Connection.

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