Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Top Five Dark Chocolate Dipped Treats

I've been enjoying pinterest online and love the random photos that are posted.  Since I've joined I have taken an interest in Delicious Foods.  My father and brother have been creating a blend of Dark Chocolate for a while and I have a whole box in my pantry to try out new ideas.  So here is my Top Five favorite Dark Chocolate Treats.

1.  Dark Chocolate Banana Bites
I bought some Banana's at Publix today and was excited to try this easy recipe.  I melted three bars of dark chocolate and then peeled my banana.  I cut the banana in bite size pieces and dipped them into the chocolate.  Then I placed them on a tray and sprinkled powdered sugar on top.  They went directly into the Freezer and once done we enjoyed a Delicious treat.  I will for sure have to make this again.  Simple and Yummy.

2.  Dark Chocolate Stuffed Strawberries
I love Dark Chocolate and Love Strawberries.  I saw the cutest picture the other day of stuffed strawberries.  All that was required were three ingredients, Dark Chocolate, Strawberries, and cream cheese.  I wasn't sure how the cream cheese would taste but I thought I'd give it a try.  First I melted the chocolate.  Then I cut out the center of the strawberries.  I then dipped the strawberries into the chocolate and then stuffed them with cream cheese.  I placed them in the fridge to harden and enjoy.  They were good and I enjoyed them.  Next time I think I'll make a cheesecake filling and then freeze them.  So Sweet.

3.  Dark Chocolate Covered Popcorn
Since I have been making quick desserts lately we had some leftover popcorn and I wasn't sure what I was going to make.  It was simple to melt the chocolate and then pour it over the popcorn.  I stirred it in and then set it in the fridge to harden.  I have to say this was so simple and delicious.  Sometimes lots of ingredients in recipes overwhelm me and so I won't make a dish.  This has got to be the easiest treat for anyone to make!

4.  Dark Chocolate Covered Marshmallow
We had some leftover marshmallows from our cook out the other day and since I have been in the dark chocolate covered mode I wanted to try this one out.  I melted the chocolate and dipped the marshmallow into the chocolate.  I then mashed up some Kids cereal for a crunchy outer covering and rolled the dipped marshmallow into the coating.  Then I set them to chill in the fridge.  Once they were done and we could enjoy them I was impressed with the taste but disappointed that they were to big to bite into.  They made a big mess as they melted with each bite.  Next time I will cut the marshmallow in half and it will be easier to enjoy.  All in all, it was for sure a contender for Top 5 Favorite Chocolate Dipped Treats.

5.  Dark Chocolate Covered Cherrios
Finally coming in Number 5 on my Top 5, this was an easy and delicious treat.  I had a Tea Party for my daughter the other day and wanted to make something sweet.  We had a big box of Cheerios in the pantry and I thought what if I made a platter of dipped chocolate Cheerios for the kids to enjoy.  Another simple recipe.  I melted the dark chocolate, then poured the cheerios into the bowl and stirred them until they were completely covered.  After that I poured them onto a serving platter and set them in the fridge to harden.  The cheerios were in a shape of a heart and when I took them out they were delicious.  Everyone snacked on them for a fun treat.  Next time I'd like to cut them into heart shape pieces for easier enjoyment as they were all stuck together and a bit hard to break apart.  This was definitely a great way to enjoy all the dark chocolate bars I have and enjoy our Cheerios too.  As some scientists say, Dark Chocolate is  great for us and I've also seen the commercials that say Cheerios help reduce Cholesterol, so a Win Win for sure!

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