Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Finding 7 Fabulous Facebook Travel Destinations Resources

If you type in Travel under the search section on Facebook you get thousands of Travel groups, apps, and posts from friends that have used the word travel in their post.  The other day I had joined in on the marketing stroll where you visit other peoples Fan pages and I made several new business friends.  I found this app that one of the new fan page owners was using called Fan of the week.  It is a free app that you can add to your Facebook page. It selects for you the Fan from your page that has been most active in commenting and posting then lets everyone know they have been chosen for Fan of the Week.  

A great topic of interest is Finding 7 Fabulous Facebook Travel Destinations Resources.  Have you ever been to Jamaica?  I have been when we went on a cruise to the Islands.  We saw the beautiful tourist scenes and visited the Dunn's River Falls.  For things to do in Jamaica here is a handy list...http://www.lonelyplanet.com/jamaica/things-to-do
Here is our 7 Fabulous Travel Destinations Resources on Facebook:
1.  LonelyPlanet Jamaica
2.  Travel 365
3.  Born in Alaska
4.  Walt Disney World
5.  See Australia
6.  Paris
7.  London

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