Thursday, September 1, 2011

Make your Friends some Cupcakes.

I always told my husband if he wanted to make more friends, just make them some cupcakes:)  Once when my son was a baby and he was playing with my keys in the car, he locked the door and he was inside while I was outside with no keys!  Luckily we were at a gas station and the attendants helped me jimmy the lock.  I brought them a box of donuts for a Thank you.  Now-a-days Cupcakes seem to be the clever option when offering a delicious treat to someone.  I think the designs, color and taste are amazing.  Some people are having cupcakes at birthday parties and Wedding cupcakes. 

There are a few places in Naples that I've visited.  One is Simply Cupcakes of Naples, you can find them on their Facebook page.  I love their updates and pictures. Here is a snapshot of their website...


Today while I was on Facebook I saw a Facebook Fan Promotion going on where you could stop in on others recommended fan pages and say hello.  It was a fun time checking out businesses all around the world.  I found  Queen of Hearts Specia lty cupcakes, edible bouquets and more


We chatted for a bit and of course I loved the name of her cupcake company.  She was even sweet enough to offer me a free cupcake when I visit someday:)  Here is a snapshot of her website...


So I hope this helps you if your looking to make new friends in your area or worldwide.  I hope you have a wonderful night and enjoy some cupcakes where ever you are! 
Straight from the heart,


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