Thursday, March 21, 2013

Original Customized Card Giveaway

I have always loved custom cards and created them for friends and family.  With my busy kids and life I no longer take the time but I still love getting them.  My daughter had a recent birthday and was given a card that you could tell was custom made.  So adorable!  I make new business friends all the time on Facebook and I met Kim Oliver from K.O Creations.  She has the most amazing customized cards.  This month she is my featured Artist of the Month!  

Here are the questions I wanted to know about her...

1. How did you get into creating customized cards?
I became enamoured with card making from doing scrapbooking projects and not being able to find a personal card with true meaning in the retail stationary outlets. Bespoke Cards became a passion for me when I realized that I wasn't the only person unsatisfied with what was on offer. 

2. What do you love about your work?
The true essence of card making for me is the end product & hearing about the way it was received and appreciated. Listening to my clients and getting snippets of lives & loves during the making process.

3. Do you have a favorite design or style?
Personally I love a number of styles...Vintage, shabby chic & steampunk all go hand in hand and tend to blend well for me.  I am open to other ideas & styles, because I do make Bespoke Cards designed for others to give to their loved ones.

4. Tell me about the steps involved in creating a customized card for someone.
The steps involved are simple, but very very important to getting a great card made just for you. The major key for me is listening...Really listening with your heart as well as your ears and reading between the lines. Secondly, finding out how long you have to design the card, sometimes I have been asked to have a card done in under a day (it's possible but definitely not desired for a great card) For best results I need to have around two weeks + if postage is required to get to the client. Then finally asking for any desired themes and ideas that they may have in mind themselves, then asking whether I have any creative licence with their ideas.  I check in with messages and pictures of the card during the design process, where possible, which enables the client to feel more involved and you end up with a card that is adored by the giver and the receiver.

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