Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Are you on overdrive? 3 Ways to Tell

I always can tell when my kids are on overdrive, they fight more, they don't listen, and the simple things that they enjoy aren't as nice.  Sometimes I know I'm on overdrive when I can't remember what I did with my pen or why I just yelled instead of slowly made my request known.

Here are three ways to tell if you are on overdrive...
1.  You don't know what kind of weather is outside today.
I think I see a Heart in the sky!
2.  You haven't seen the latest flowers blooming in your neighborhood.
The wildflowers are so lovely this time of year!
3.  You don't remember what kind of trees you have outside.
Palm Trees captured my eye, there is just something magical about them!
So, I hope you will take a few minutes, and relax.  Overdrive is great to get things accomplished at times but too much and your headed for a disaster!

What ways do you cope with overdrive?

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  1. Yeah, I pretty much LIVE on overdrive! When I need to calm down I put the computer away and hang out with my kids for the day. :)

    1. That sounds like a great plan! :) Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. Great photos. I especially like the palm tree picture.


  3. I was living on overdrive for too long. Now I am making a point to just take a moment and be. Thanks for the great reminder to remember to let go.

    1. Hi Kelly, Yes remembering to let go is a great tip! Thanks for visiting! I hope you have a great weekend!


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