Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How to get unstuck when writing a Headline for your Blog.

Do you ever stare at the blinking line on your computer trying to think of the perfect headline for your blog post?  Sometimes I do, but then I remember that I participate in Wordless Wednesday so I don't have to think too much about my words!  I did do a search today about how to get help when writing a headline, here are a few of the tips I found interesting...

1.  Ask a question.  My dad would always ask me questions when starting a conversation with me.  How was your day?  How many beans are in a jar of green beans?  (I always thought this one was funny for some reason:)

2.  Ask why.  Why do people love going to the beach?  Why is it that the favorite dessert in Alaska is ice cream?

3.  How to.  How to floss your teeth and get better results at the dentist office.  How to make the perfect lasagna.  How to get your kids to listen to you.

4.  Numbered list. 5 reasons to stop thinking so much and go with your heart.  12 ways to improve your family time.  9 tips on kid birthday parties.

5.  Best or Worst.  Best and worst things about living in Florida.  Best vacation ever.  Worst parenting mistakes and how to fix them.

For more resources check out Successful Blogging.

Here are my Wordless Wednesday photos for today.  Not so wordless, enjoy anyway:-)

Please leave me a comment, what's been your best headline?  If you participate in Wordless Wednesday than linkup.  Also, check out this months giveaway, a beautiful custom designed card!


  1. Great tips.
    That last photo is really cool.

  2. Great tips! Sometimes my titles are random or silly...gets attention :) Happy WW!

    1. Cool. Yes silly and random are good title choices:) Happy WW too!

  3. I've always been horrible at writing headlines. In fact, it was an ongoing joke when I worked as an editor at a business magazine. I thought it was just because of the topics, but it's just me. LOL

    You're right when you say to use "how to" or "5 reasons," those seem to work pretty darn good.

    Nice post.

  4. Those are all great tips! Some days I'm inspired, and some not so much...these will help during those uninspired moments! ;)

    WW: Kitty Love

    1. I hope they do Stacy;). Have a great week!

  5. I remember in grade school, we'd get our journals for the semester and list a PILE of ideas of what to write about on the inside cover. We'd get this massive list, then write in what interested us. We'd also be encouraged to add to that list as something caught our attention that we might want to write about later.
    Nowadays, I do that same with the blog. I'll get an entry started with an idea or anything that inspired me. I'll work on it along side others, then post as they're ready. Grade school training wins again!

    The Cheeky Daddy

    1. Great tip Jason. I love how we can think about what we learned in grade school and reapply that in our life today!

  6. Visiting you from Wordless Wednesday Bloggers. I was so happy to host last week. Thanks for linking up. See you this Wednesday.



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